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Where your donations Go: December 2023

We encourage you to give tithe and offerings online, here.


Thank you for your continued donations to tithes and offerings. Below is this month's schedule for loose offerings (give online here):

  • Dec 3:    Local Church Ministries
  • Dec 10:  Adventist Community Services (North American Division)
  • Dec 17:  Local Church Ministries
  • Dec 24:  Children's Ministries (WA Conference)
  • Dec 30:  Alaska Conference (North Pacific Union Conference)

Special offerings are collected each week to support the following ministries:

  • 1st Sabbaths:    Sunset Lake Camp
  • 2nd Sabbaths:   Worthy Student Fund
  • 3rd Sabbaths:    VBS
  • 4th Sabbaths:    Sky Valley Adventist School (SVAS)
  • 5th Sabbaths:    Sky Valley Adventist School (SVAS)


Missional Offering

December 2023: Take the Next Step



This is sent to the conference and used to pay the salaries & benefits pastors and all other conference employees.  It pays all conference expenses and then some is sent to the world budget. None of it stays or comes back to our church to pay for our church expenses with the exception of evangelistic seminars.  (If we host an evangelistic seminar, the conference pays up to 70% of the cost from their evangelism fund).

Church Budget

This fund is divided up as follows:

Missional Offering towards Community Service:  $200 of our church budget is given back on a monthly rotating schedule to assist the local community organizations listed above.

Our Church School Subsidies: (Sky Valley Adventist School & Puget Sound Adventist Academy) get allotted $1,350.00

Our Church Expense: gets the next $2,005.00 that comes in

Reserve Account: gets $100

The balance is then divided as follows:

  • Building Fund:                       15%
  • Children's Ministries:               7%
  • Church Campout:                    2%
  • Church Retreat/Seminars:      4%
  • Evangelism:                             5%
  • Family Assistance:                  4%
  • PA/Audiovisual:                       4%
  • Pathfinders/Adventurers:        4%
  • Reserve Account:                  18%
  • Sabbath School:                    10%
  • Worthy Student (Student Aid): 5%
  • Youth Ministries:                      4%
  • Equipment/Improvement:        6%
  • Worship Team:                        4%
  • Gifts/Hospitality:                      4%
  • Outreach Ministries:                4%


Please note that the budget approved for this year is $4,950.00.  If we do not receive at least $3950, there will be nothing to divide among the other ministry percentages.  Community Service gets the first 10%, Our schools get the next $1350, Church Expense gets the next monies up to $2,005, and the Reserve Fund gets the next $100. The balance is then divided as the percentages above.

 Any funds contributed directly to church expense or any other category can and will only be used only for the category it was donated to.  The board, the Pastor, the treasurer or no one else can use or transfer that money to any other category for any reason.  For example: If someone donated $10,000 for "choir robes"  and we were short in church expense to pay our bills, we could not take any money from "choir robes" to pay our bills without the giver's permission. (Please don't give to choir robes. We do not have a choir.) 

Thank you to all of you who are supporting our church; we hope you feel valued, loved and appreciated, because you are.  Those who are giving to tithe only, please understand that this is very important but it does not help pay the church bills.  If you could donate even a few dollars to church budget or church expense, it would help a lot.  Thanks again.

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